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Willows Springs Winery on Rogers TV - Updated on 8 Jan. 2012

Willow Springs made news on Rogers TV Cable 63! During the York Region Living, our winemaker presented a winemaking demonstration!!! The program was scheduled during the week of Jan 9th, 2012 to Jan 14th, 2012!!

Jan 9th, 2012: 8:00PM
Jan 10th, 2012: 12:00AM 6:30AM 2:30PM 6:30PM
Jan 11th, 2012: 8:00AM 3:30PM 7:30PM
Jan 12th, 2012: 6:30AM 3:00PM 6:00PM 10:00PM
Jan 13th, 2012: 12:00PM 7:30PM
Jan 14th, 2012: 2:30PM 11:30PM