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Wine News - Apr 2009

In November of 2008 Willow Springs entered 4 of our 10 wines into the Royal Winter Fairs' Royal Wine competition. We were so excited that each of our 4 wines won a ribbon! More

First Blog - Jan 2009

Whoa!! Another Harvest is now complete and 2008 is now in the history books. Although conditions in 2008 were not ideal for many grape varieties, we still are very excited about this year's harvest. Mario and I have had some interesting times with some of the viniferous varieties which we received from Niagara. There is always much discussion about the winemaking techniques to be used when conditions are not as perfect as one would like, but that is what winemaking is all about.

This year has brought about a new variety to Willow Springs. We will be producing Merachal Foch for the first time. The French-American variety is definitely looking to be a blockbuster wine. I can't wait to update you on the progress of this mostly overlooked wine. As for all the other viniferous wines (merlot, cabernet franc and sauvignon, and chardonnay) they are all on track to becoming great wines. I'd like to make a special mention about the merlot, which although the conditions were not ideal, seems to be on track to becoming a showstopper.

I look forward to updating you in our next newsletter.

Regards, Jorge Almeida.

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